Vocabulary of Your Reactive Body

(In no particular order)

  • Reactive Body: An individual who is physically and/or emotionally reactive to specific trigger molecules in the air, food, water, petrochemical products and body care products.
  • Immune System Buffer (ISB): The amount of resistance you have at any moment to fend off exposure to trigger molecules found in the above.
  • Flare-Up: What happens when a Reactive Body is exposed to trigger molecules with a rundown ISB. This book hypothesizes that during a flare-up one enters into a hypersensitive state which is characterized by a dramatic increase in the amperage of the electricity allowed through the nerves, and a heightened sensitivity / reactivity to one’s immediate environment. During this time there is an increased susceptibility to acquiring new environmental triggers.
  • Trigger: A molecule common in your environment that you have acquired sensitivity to. Many (but not all) triggers are synthetic.
  • Tonic: Anything that restores your ISB.
  • Antidote: Strong tonics that your body loves. Keep them handy; they can bring you back from the edge of a flare-up.
  • NMDA cells: “Dimmer Switch” cells that turn the amperage running through your nerves up or down. Triggered by calcium and glutamates.
  • Natural: As close to original form as is feasible and effective. Natural means using the molecular kit we inherited – not the one we invented– as best we can.
  • Coping Strategy: Simple techniques to help Reactive Bodies get through their day successfully and productively.