HI Larry!

Just finished your book…for the second time and I’m very impressed!!  Good job on relating issues folks like us have regarding a society that’s been trained to think EVERY thing must have an overpowering, hit you in the face “fragrance/scent” to be perceived as ‘clean’!

In fact, I recently treated a woman who admitted her ‘addiction’ to GAIN laundry detergent because of the smell!  Eeesh… seriously!?!   I can’t walk down… or near the detergent aisle in a conventional grocery store because the overwhelming fake scents give me a screaming, nauseating headache, along with brain fog for a better part of the day.  No wonder so many kids now have asthma…and learning disabilities these days.  It’s just one more endocrine disruptive additive bombarding their little bodies.  I’m so very glad VT Soap products are available!!

Hope you can continue to convey this very concise, well written message to the brainwashed masses!


Susan St. Fey NP